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Tartu linn, Tartumaa, Estonia

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Tartu linn, Tartumaa, Estonia - Estonia

Tartu (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈtɑrtˑˈtu], South Estonian: Tarto) is the second largest city of Estonia, following Estonia's political and financial capital Tallinn.

Tartu is often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. The city also houses the Supreme Court of Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research and Estonian National Museum. It is the birthplace of Estonian Song Festivals.

Situated 186 kilometres (116 miles) southeast of Tallinn and 245 kilometres (152 miles) northeast of Riga, Tartu lies on the Emajõgi ("Mother river"), which connects the two largest lakes of Estonia. The city is served by Tartu Airport.